Time to Rev Up the Seahawks’ Quarterback Controversy

Let me make this perfectly clear – I don’t know a damn thing about football. I prove this over and over again during the football season when I bet on football teams that either lose or don’t cover the spread.

So keep that in mind when I say that Charlie Whitehurst should start for the Seahawks in their next preseason game Saturday night at Denver. As was suggested by several Facebook friends last night, we need to see how Whitehurst fares against first-stringers. At the same time, wouldn’t we find out more about Tarvaris Jackson if he had time to throw against second-stringers?

Last night at Century Link Field, we saw the same thing we saw last week in San Diego – Jackson didn’t get time to throw and was forced to scramble almost every time he dropped back. Conversely, given ample time in the pocket, Whitehurst looked terrific against the Vikings.

If you ask me, I’m guessing that Whitehurst will still be more effective than Jackson when he goes against first-stringers. I say that because Whitehurst appears to have more confidence this year. His body language looks different to me. He also puts some serious zip on the ball. And he might not be as mobile as Jackson, but he’s agile enough to escape the rush too.

I’m just saying, let’s see what would happen when you reverse the halves – it’s time for Whitehurst to play the first two quarters and Jackson to play the last two. Wouldn’t that give coach Pete Carroll a better idea of what he has with these two QBs?

You don’t have to read between the lines with me – I want a full-blown quarterback controversy because I don’t think Jackson has done enough to be anointed the starter, and I DO think Whitehurst has shown more than enough to get a shot at the job.

Need another opinion? Check Danny O’Niel’s recent post that supports my argument: Three Things We Learned

Go Cougs.


  1. japanjohnny /

    I agree wholeheartedly. With the porous blocking up front, Charlie’s tendency to check down would come in handy and force defenders to cover underneath routes and not dog/blitz so much. That would in turn open up running lanes and deeper routes.

  2. GaryM /

    Where’s Portis? More importantly, where’s the pics of the babes? No more?

  3. Butch /

    Ain’t gonna happen…. You and Kevin had a discussion on this one on Thursday’s show – I agree with Kevin on this one. This is not the time – Jackson will and should start. From a coach and team aspect – It is what is best for the team, not what is best for the talk show or to sell papers on the short term (quarterback controversy). From a couching standpoint, no question for this game – Jackson starts.

  4. Terry Benish /

    There is a wholesale talent issue that has not been addressed. They need a left tackle and some running backs.

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