Cougs Lose, Dawgs Lose and Seahawks Will Too

In the third quarter when the Cougs led 24-14, I figured we’d at the very least hang on to win or maybe even cruise to an easy victory.

But I should have known better. I think I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I DO know better. The Cougs are better than they have been, but apparently they’re not good enough to beat a decent team on the road yet.

The 42-24 loss to San Diego State was disappointing, but we’re still 2-1, and there’s reason to believe that we’ll be 4-1 after we beat Colorado and UCLA and return to Martin Stadium to take on Stanford on Oct. 15.

But of course there’s also reason to believe after watching that second-half fiasco yesterday that we could lose to Colorado and UCLA before we play Stanford and no doubt fall to 2-4 after that game.

At least the Huskies lost to Nebraska, but I’m not even in the mood to bad-mouth them this morning – probably because I’m nursing a hangover fueled by too many Miller Lites and shots of Jagermeister at the Newport Hills Mustard Seed yesterday.

As 17-point underdogs, the Huskies were expected to lose to 10th-ranked Nebraska, and they did, 51-38. Believe it or not, in this space on Friday, I predicted that Nebraska would win 52-45 so for once in my life, I was pretty close on projecting the outcome of a game.

The Dawgs complained quite a bit about the officiating, and they did look like they got hosed on a couple of calls. The only thing I enjoyed more than watching red shirts crossing the goal line over and over again was watching Bishop Sankey fumble on a third-quarter kickoff return. The Huskers recovered at the 1-yard line and scored right away to take a 17-point lead. It was the most pivotal play in the game.

Coug fan Rob, whom I met at the Seed, was also delighted to see Sankey fumble. He’s the kid who pulled out of his verbal commitment to WSU to play for Washington so I chalk it up to bad karma causing that fumble yesterday.

It’s pretty pathetic when a 54-year-old grown man roots against an 18-year-old kid, but this is where I am with Sankey – if he’d pulled out on his commitment to us and gone anywhere else, I’d still root for him. Well, I wouldn’t root for him, but I wouldn’t root against him, I know that.

But since he traded WSU for the U Dub, that’s just the biggest cardinal sin ever. It’s a cardinal sin, an oriole sin, a blue jay sin, it’s whatever sin you want to call it. That kid is going to have the karma police citing him over and over again throughout his career, just you watch.

Anyway, I guess I’m getting over my hangover because I’m going to bad-mouth one more thing about the Dawgs’ performance yesterday – that Nick Holt defense was once again top-shelf stuff.

In three games, the Huskies have proved you can throw at will against them if you feel like it and run against them too. Oh, and you can also score against them – opponents are averaging 37 points a game.

And here’s the thing – I’ll give you that Nebraska is a very good opponent. But those other two teams the Huskies played? Eastern Washington and Hawaii? Not so much.

After losing to Montana yesterday, Eastern Washington, the team that nearly beat the Dawgs at the wire two weeks ago, is now 0-3. And Hawaii, the team that nearly rallied from a 21-0 deficit to beat the Dawgs last week, lost to UNLV 40-20 yesterday. That’s the same UNLV team the Cougs crushed last week 59-7.

So I’d think there are legitimate concerns about Coach Sark’s squad as it prepares to host Cal on Saturday. Then again, we’ve got our own problems and fortunately have a bye this week, which gives us two weeks to prepare for Colorado.

SEAHAWKS at STEELERS: I have yet to hear from anyone in the country who thinks the Seahawks have a shot in this game. I don’t think they have a shot in this game either. But whenever 100 percent of the people think something will happen – and in this case, a Steelers’ blowout – it rarely does.

That’s why I’m taking the Seahawks and the 14 ½ points today in what shapes up as an ugly, low-scoring affair.


Bet: $55 to win $50 on Seattle +14 ½.

Other best-bet winners: $27.50 to win $25 on the Titans +6 ½. $27.50 to win $25 on the Chiefs +8 ½. $27.50 to win $25 on the Cardinals +4. $27.50 to win $25 on the Chargers +7. And $27.50 to win $25 on the Falcons +2 ½.

SPECIAL THANKS: To every Coug who came to the Newport Hills Mustard Seed yesterday and to Go 2 Guy webmaster Patrick Welch for getting the word out. And to good buddy Glenn Nelson for taking pictures at yesterday’s viewing party.

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  1. “It’s pretty pathetic when a 54-year-old grown man roots against an 18-year-old kid, but this is where I am with Sankey ..” I wouldn’t say it’s pretty, but it definitely is pathetic, which is what his handling of that kickoff was.

    Very fitting that you suit up in your Mae West when watching WSU football. I may try that this week, tho it apparently it didn’t have a positive influence on your team’s fortune.

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