Grading the Seahawks on the Go 2 Curve

John Schneider and Pete Carroll know a hell of a lot more about football than I do. The Go 2 Guy knows that for a fact. It’s the only thing that makes me feel good about the Seahawks’ season ahead.

I’m just not seeing what they’re seeing. And no one else is either when it comes to Tarvaris Jackson – Carroll talks about him like he’s Joe Montana. Yet Jackson never panned out in Minnesota, which begs the question – if it didn’t work out there, why will it work out here?

In his rankings of NFL quarterbacks last week, ESPN’s John Clayton rated Jackson as the 30th best signal caller. This reminder – there are only 32 teams. So in the Professor’s opinion, the Seahawks enter the season with one of the very worst QBs in the league.

Maybe he’s wrong. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Vikings fans who didn’t like Jackson are wrong. Maybe Schneider and Carroll are right, thinking Jackson will use this change of scenery and turn into the quarterback that Brad Childress once thought he could be.

Or maybe this will be one of those personnel decisions – along with the acquisition of Charlie Whitehurst – that will be pointed to when Carroll is fired someday.

It’s not just Jackson. Position by position, I look at the Seahawks and see only one group that is above the NFL average – receivers. I love the free-agent signings of Sidney Rice and Zach Miller, who significantly upgrade the receiving corps.

A quick look at the other positions:

Running back: Leon Washington should spice up an attack that was led last year by Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett. Grade: C.

Offensive line: Aside from Russell Okung, new players at every position. And left guard Robert Gallery is injured and likely won’t play this week. Could be a good line in time but not now. Grade: D.

Defensive line: Tackles led by Brandon Mebane are solid, but who’s going to rush the quarterback? Do you really think Chris Clemons and Raheem Brock are going to match the career years they had last year? Me neither. Grade: C.

Linebackers: Hawks hoping that David Hawthorne can effectively replace Lofa Tatupu at middle linebacker (likely), and LeRoy Hill will become an impact player again (maybe), and Aaron Curry to start doing something, anything (doubtful). Grade: C.

Defensive backs: Aside from Earl Thomas and maybe Marcus Trufant, a bunch of untested youngsters will try to stop the best NFL gunslingers on a weekly basis. Not seeing it. Grade: C-.

Final record: 3-13. This promises to be one long season. I’m guessing the Hawks will beat Cincinnati, Washington and San Francisco at CenturyLink Field, which means they won’t win a single game on the road. They’ll be 0-5 at their bye week and 0-6 after losing to Cleveland the following week, finally beating the Bengals for their first win the week after that.

Whatever happens, I don’t want to see them go 7-9 again. I don’t want 8-8 or 6-10 either. Go 10-6 or 9-7 and have a reasonable shot at winning the whole damn thing or finish with a bad-enough record to have a shot at Andrew Luck or Landry Jones or Matt Barkley or some other top-10 quarterback in the draft.

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  1. Rhodehouse /

    On the air you always talk about being an “Unbias” reporter and not being subjective (Especially towards that State School in Seattle). I really think this article is very subjective on what we’ve seen in Pre Season. I wouldn’t put a whole lot into the first four pre season games. We havent even had one Regular season game yet. I might eat my words after Sunday and have to eat humble pie, but give them a fighting chance. Just like you did with our beloved Cougs!

    Thanks! And as always… Go Cougs!

  2. Lee Pridemo' /

    Dear Go2Guy,
    It looks like you are uncertain about a lot of things. Let me help you. You are wrong.

  3. Right about Aaron Curry. Never have I seen such a terrible player have so many staunch defenders.

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