Seahawks Won’t Win Until Halloween Eve

Before last Sunday’s 33-17 loss at San Francisco and yesterday’s 24-0 loss at Pittsburgh, the Go 2 Guy projected that the Seahawks would go 3-13 this year. So as you can tell, I’ve already screwed up another forecast. I should have gone with 2-14, 1-15 or, yep, even 0-16 – Pete Carroll, Winless Forever.

Actually, I’m sticking with 3-13, but I’m not sure which three teams they’ll beat anymore. I thought they’d beat Cincinnati, Washington and San Francisco at Qwest Field and get swept on the road. But the Bengals, Redskins and 49ers don’t look like gimmes anymore. Heck, the ‘Skins are 2-0, and the Bengals and 49ers are 1-1.

I still think the Seahawks lose their next four – they won’t be favored to beat any of their opponents (Arizona, Atlanta, at New York Giants, at Cleveland). The Cardinals are early 3-point favorites to beat the Hawks in their home opener on Sunday. Looks like easy money to take Arizona and lay the 3 to me. They host Cincinnati on Oct. 30, and that looms as the first and maybe the best opportunity they’ll have all season to get a win.

As they were in Pittsburgh, the Hawks had not been 14 1/2-point underdogs since the 1992 season when they went 2-14. This 2011 team may threaten that franchise low-water mark. Ah, it probably won’t, but it could. The Seahawks’ defense seems decent enough to keep them in some games, and maybe the offense will win a few 13-7 thrillers. Again, as I recall, the Seahawk defense was pretty decent in 1992, but Stan Gelbaugh was the quarterback. He was awful; just like this year’s QB, Tarvaris Jackson.

I’ve already gone on record as saying that if the Seahawks aren’t going to be good enough to contend for the Super Bowl this year, they may as well tank it and get Andrew Luck. That seems the best course of action for the future. This team, at best, will be 7-9, just like last year. And that’s really, really, really reaching to think they’ll win seven games, which would require a 7-7 finish. There’s no way this team splits the rest of its games. For the sake of the argument, let’s say they do. At 7-9, you’re still not good enough to contend for anything – although 7-9 could win the division by two games this year.

So why not go 0-16 or 1-15 and get Andrew Luck. That’s better than 4-12 or 5-11, records that could be in this team’s wheelhouse but would get you a lower draft pick.

Here’s what’s really crazy – if the Rams lose tonight to the Giants – and they’re 7-point underdogs, so they probably will – and if San Francisco loses next Sunday to Cincinnati – and the Niners are 1 1/2-point underdogs, the Seahawks could take a share of the NFC West lead at 1-2 if they beat the Cardinals! Always compete! Earn everything! Win Forever! Are You Kidding Me!!!!!!


  1. Okay, here’s a stupid question: What if we get Luck, and he tanks? Our multi-million dollar investment in Curry sure hasn’t paid off. I understand he shouldn’t have gone fourth, bla bla bla, but sheesh: With the front office of this franchise managing to turn gold into, well, poop over the past several years, I am so, so afraid the above might happen.

    I should also mention that the day I saw the schedule, I knew we were screwed, too. If we win a game this season, I’ll be shocked. Three would be unbelievable.

    Shall we bet a beer at the Hawks’ Nest on the outcome? After all, I have to have something to get through the carnage that will be known as the Seahawks’ “rebuilding” phase, which I estimate may go on for the next 3-5 years…

    • Julie, whatever you want to bet, I’m in. Thanks for your comment

      • Here’s the bet. One beer at the Hawks Nest, payable after the season – or during the playoffs, which we will not be a part of unless there is some kind of Vatican-documented NFL miracle. The loser has to buy.

        I’ll bet we win three games. I’m guessing you’re in for one. My husband will be there, too. He’s going to need a lot of alcohol to dull the pain of listening to me during what is certain to be a trainwreck of a season.

        Pete Carroll let his Twitter followers pick the first play in a game this year. Maybe he’ll choose someone to make a draft pick…

  2. You are a certifiable nut job Moore! Where is your pride man? Geez what a defeatist! Whatever happened to hope for the future, growing day by day, weekend to weekend? You have the emotional maturity of a college freshman. See you at work. Go Hawks!!!

    • Maturity of a college freshman? Thanks Kevin, I figured I had the maturity of a high-school sophomore. You’ll be pining for losses just like me once we get to week 14 or 15.

    • Your way off the mark here. Only a “Homer” would give the chickens a chance of winning 3 this year.

  3. So, I agree that the offense is abysmal. I agree that the best we can hope for is a 7-9 team this year. However I think that people who are getting paid to think about Sports every day (media) are putting to much into the fact that Tavaris is starting. I don’t think that means that Pete thinks he is the solution. I think it means that Pete knows there isn’t anything better to be had. If Matt was still here where would we be? I bet we would be having the same discussions.

    As for “suck for luck”, that is crap. Carrol has coached some pretty good quarterbacks lest we forget, so perhaps he can develop a quarterback or find a diamond in the rough. My point being that losing for a better draft position doesn’t necessarily work out like we think it will. (see the mariners and Ackley) I would prefer a competitive team with some savvy late round drafting. We don’t know about this years draft, but we know that Pete’s first draft was pretty darn good (so far), and we have found some contributors that were undrafted.

    Bottomline: Either we have good talent evaluators (PC + JS) or we don’t. If we do, then we don’t NEED the first overall pick to solve the QB issue. If we don’t, then having the first overall pick won’t help in the long run either.

  4. Jim, it’s come to my attention that I won our little bet. ;-) Would we like to invite Mr. Calabro along as well? There’s nothing more fun for a Seattle sports fan than listening to local sportscasters insult each other while drinking beer.

    I’ll see you soon at the Hawks’ Nest!

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