A Surprisingly Good Jackson: Bad for Luck

I take back everything I said about Tarvaris Jackson. I didn’t think he’d ever look like a capable NFL quarterback, much less a Pro Bowler.

But he looked like one on Sunday in the Seahawks’ 30-28 loss to the Falcons at Century Link Field.

Jackson had his first 300-yard game in the NFL and three touchdown passes after having just two in the Seahawks’ first three games.

If you didn’t know anything about Jackson and Matt Ryan, and that was the first NFL game you’d ever watched, you’d think that the Seahawks’ QB was a better player than the Falcons’ QB.

Since you know that Ryan is one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks, that isn’t the case. But in this game, Jackson outplayed Ryan, finishing with a higher QB rating.

As suggested by many, maybe it’s time for the Seahawks to use the no-huddle offense all game long. They used it in the second half yesterday, and it certainly helped. The defense can’t substitute on the fly, and Jackson himself says he plays better in the no-huddle because he doesn’t have to think as much; he can simply react to what he sees in front of him.

That performance against the Falcons will hopefully give him the confidence to keep it up. If he gets the time to throw like he did against the Falcons, perhaps the Seahawks can have a decent season after all.

I predicted that they’d finish 3-13, but they looked like a team that could go 6-10 yesterday. That’s not saying a whole lot, but it’s an improvement over the team we saw in the first three games.

I still would rather see them go 3-13 and at least get in the mix for Andrew Luck. A record of 6-10 won’t get you to the playoffs and it won’t get you Luck and probably won’t get you Matt Barkley or Landry Jones either.

Looking at the NFC West standings this morning, the Seahawks, at 1-3, trail the 3-1 49ers by two games. And you could say they trail by three games because the 49ers hold the tiebreaker after beating the Seahawks in the season opener.

Though they’re 10-point underdogs against the New York Giants this Sunday, the Seahawks at least give you the feeling that they’ll have a shot after rallying against the Falcons. When they trailed 27-7, no one would have given them a chance to beat the Giants in the Meadowlands, but now there’s a snifter of hope.

CALABRO SHOW ON THE SIDELINES: The Kevin Calabro Show on 710 ESPN Seattle will be pre-empted by the baseball playoffs today, and it looks like we won’t have a show tomorrow either.

What I wrote for the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the Seahawks Falcons game.

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