Judging Sea Gals, Wish Me Luck

This Sunday I’ll be judging the Sea Gal finals at the West Club Lounge at Century Link Field. Why was I chosen to do this? I have no idea.

Along with nine other judges, I’ll help determine which 24 to 32 girls will be dancing and cheering at Seahawks’ games this fall.

I’ve been told by Sea Gals director Sherri Thompson that it will be a fun evening but I need to take it seriously. This will be difficult because I don’t take many things seriously, but I will do my best, I promise, wink, wink.

To that end, I asked people on Facebook and Twitter for qualities I should look for in Sea Gal candidates:

From Ryan: “Does anyone pay attention to the dancing? Go for the prettiest.”

From Lance: “Natural beauty, sexiness and confidence.”

From Roy: “Girl-next-door hotness with moves and a smile.”

From Heather: “Sweet, nice and cute.”

From another Roy: “Definitely look for wardrobe malfunctions.”

From Fake Matt Flynn: “Beefy chicks with potential to double as backup offensive linemen.”

Then there was this from Randy: “Highest scores to the girls who dance like strippers.”

I was all in with Randy until I heard from Maren Bergstrom, a Sea Gal from 1991-95. As a Sea Gal alum, she knows what Thompson is looking for. According to Bergstrom, these are the top 5 qualities I should consider:

1) Confidence, not meekness.
2) How she recovers if she screws up during the routine. If she has fun with it vs. falling apart.
3) If she moves faster vs. slower (nimble vs. lumbering).
4) Constant smile – no faltering.
5) Today’s pop culture causes girls to think they need to striptease and be coy instead of jazz dancing and being peppy and having a huge smile. Don’t go for the strip-teasers!”

If you want to watch the Sea Gals finals, it will be available at seahawks.com on a Webcast. I think it will be hosted by Tony Ventrella, marking the pinnacle of his broadcasting career I’m sure. And if I’m not mistaken, his co-host will be a former Sea Gal – her name is either Dakota or Montana, I forget.

The Webcast starts Sunday at 5 p.m. I’ll be Tweeting like a fool all night long @cougsgo. And I’ll be taking really, really exclusive videos that you can see on this website on Monday.

I’ll be the only judge who freely admits that I’m open to bribes from the contestants. The others are:

Sea Gals Director Sherri Thompson

Sea Gals choreographer Shannon Kingsley

Seahawks vice president of sales and marketing Chuck Arnold

Mondray Gee of the Seahawks

Fitz from 100.7 The Wolf

Sea Gals alumni coordinator Sheri Leonard

Nichole Carroll of Tyler Rose Swimwear

Scott Swerland of Seattle Sun Tan

Kevin Klink, representing the 12th man.

Wish me luck and have a great weekend. Go Cougs. Love that they moved the UNLV game from Saturday, Sept. 15 to Friday night, Sept. 14 at 6 o’clock. The game will end around 9 o’clock, and then Coug fans can head to the Strip to gamble and drink some more. Should be a fun weekend, especially after we win and improve to 3-0.


  1. Randy /

    I hate you.

  2. Dawn /

    You better pick gals that know something about football!!

  3. Jeff /

    you are my new hero! Do you need a wingman?

  4. Jessica /

    I cannot believe they actually let you judge something that you make fun of every year. Discrediting something that gives woman power, wow what a cool guy! I guess your attitude is slightly better this year. Ironic how stupid you and your followers think it is yet you spend so much time talking about it. I guess the opinion of an a-hole womanizer is a good one to get considering there are so many of you out there trying to bring these girls down. Good thing they could care less about you and have so many fans due to all the good they do in the community. Did you know that every year each girl spend hours and hours getting donations from businesses in the Seattle area, putting together an auction entirely on their own, raising over $15,000 every year, go buy christmas gifts with the money (and giving a large portion to childrens hospital) and hand deliver the gifts to women and children at a shelter in seattle….Oh wait you wouldn’t care about that because you have no respect for these women or should I just speak in your language and call them strippers. Hats off to you Jim Moore.

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