Dawgs’ Idiotic New Media Policy

You’ve probably heard about Coach Sark’s new media policy that he announced yesterday, capping a flurry of bizarre stuff involving the Dawgs’ head coach this week.

Steve Sarkisian stuck his foot in his mouth at his Monday news conference when he said that wide receiver Antavius Sims was redshirting this year.

Whoops! Short-Timer Steve kind of blew that one – Sims has already redshirted and doesn’t have another redshirt available, causing Coach Sark to issue a correction of his statement later that night.

Then he goes on his coach’s show and tries to make Saturday’s 41-3 loss to LSU sound better than it actually was when it actually wasn’t – everyone who watched that game knows the score could have been – and should have been – worse, not better.

And then Short-Timer Steve, clearly getting paranoid and feeling the pressure in his fourth year, had his poor media-relations people churn out the following statement about a new media policy that prevents reporters from going to the bathroom unless they ask Coach Sark first:

“As a condition of entry to UW football practices, all visitors and members of the media are hereforth prohibited from reporting on strategy or injury-related news observed during practices. No players or coaches will have any comments on injuries and any such information.”

(Hereforth? I’ll give you herewith and henceforth, but hereforth? Come on Coach Sark, that ain’t a word!)

Quoted in Bob Condotta’s Seattle Times Husky football blog, Short-Timer Steve explained the policy to reporters, saying:
“We’re not going to comment on injuries anymore. I’m not. No one in our organization is. It’s just a competitive disadvantage for us when other teams don’t and we do, so that’s going to be the road we take.”

You can call me hypocritical for ripping Sark when Mike Leach has a policy of not talking about injuries in Pullman. But Leach doesn’t prevent reporters from writing about they see in their limited time at practice.

For instance, even though Leach won’t talk about Jeff Tuel’s knee injury, writers are allowed to write that Connor Halliday has taken the first-team snaps this week. If this situation had happened with Keith Price and Derek What’s His Name at Washington, writers could not report that What’s His Name took the first-team snaps.

This new policy, by the way, is worse than Paint Dry Ty’s, and to think that everyone thought he was a control freak when he was here, wow, Coach Sark has taken control-freakedness to startling new levels.

Short-Timer Steve is the same guy who brought a tiger to practice last week to help his team cope with a possible distraction from a mascot at LSU. If this new policy were in place last week, I guess we’d have never known the damn tiger was at practice. We’d have seen the tiger but we couldn’t report that we did.

I’m calling him Short-Timer Steve now because that’s what he’s officially become. I used to think that he was one of those up-and-coming whiz-kid coaches who would make his mark here and leave for the NFL or a more prestigious college-football program.

Coach Sark is Short-Timer Steve because the expiration date on his milk carton is coming sooner rather than later. Because of developments this week, I’m hereby (hereforth?) announcing that he’s on the hot seat.

Sarkisian’s 20-20 overall and appears to be headed toward a 6-6 season at the very best, though 4-8 is more likely, maybe 5-7 if the planets align and allow the Huskies’ offensive linemen to actually block somebody.

You know what I’d like to do? Go to a Husky practice, report on everything I see, including injuries, and post the story on this website. Then I’d either be put on double-secret probation or better yet, banned from future practices because I’d rather be golfing anyway.

And it would give my website a much-needed boost in terms of exposure, driving traffic to all-time jimmoorethego2guy.com highs, leading to unprecedented revenues, allowing me to retire to the good life in Colfax.

But even I’m not that big of a jerk. I feel bad for the beat writers, especially Condotta. This guy busts his ass day after day to bring terrific coverage of the team to his readers. And now Short-Timer Steve silences him because he feels like his team is at a competitive disadvantage if he didn’t institute this new policy like other schools have.

Hey Sark, here’s a news flash – forget the new media policy, you’re at a competitive disadvantage because your team’s not very good. Why is your team not very good? With the notable exception of Tate Martell, who will really help your replacement, you haven’t recruited enough good players. And it probably has something to do with subpar coaching as well.

Good luck trying to hide all of that in the future. Maybe you can get another new policy and prevent the Pac-12 Networks from showing your games.

The most amusing thing of all? Short-Timer Steve announces his new media policy during the week that the Dawgs host perennial powerhouse Portland State.

Thank you Coach Sark for reminding us that you can’t make this stuff up.


  1. Hey Jim,

    I hate to say it, I am with you on this! These reporters have jobs they need to do, I read the blogs so I can inform myself of what is going on. It’s a shame that I have to agree with you on this!

  2. Excellent article, Jim. And the Groz had it right when he said this move by Sark reeks of panic.

    And I beg you, nay, I implore you – write that article about the UW practice. Break down every piece of strategy, note every limp, scratch, hobble, cramp, and stubbed toe. It would be a sign of solidarity with Condotta and fellow sportswriters. This policy is bogus and, quite frankly, pointless. If Sark thinks this will level the playing field with their opponents, he needs to take another look at his team – there are bigger fish to fry, pal.

    Write your opus, Jim. Getting banned from UW practice would be like winning the Pulitzer for you, and all your Coug fans. Do it Jim!!! Go Cougs!

  3. robert dennis /

    Hi Jim: Unclebob here. I always thought were a good guy. I guess I was wrong. How are the twins doing.


    Where’s the Haters today? Huskies have nothing to say about this? Leach may not have any injuries but “DON’T WRITE OR ELSE” is laughable. Thank you Coach short timer you’ve taken the spotlight off our slow start and put the cross hairs on your stinking program! I pick Portland state by 8.

    • Husky down South /

      Let’s swap contact info, I’d like to make some easy money!

    • dawgfather /

      First I’ like to know what Sark thinks of Jim’s opinion…………………I think I know, it would go something like this…………’ah, Jim I could give a s**t what you think of my new policy. So take your little blog and your opinions and shove it up your a*****s.

  5. Flint Ferguson /

    Best thing you could do is write that story, then you could cover the team you are supposed to cover, the Cougs! I read your columns for laughs but there are far funnier guys out there and your banter would really not be missed! And as far as you not being a Jerk you must have busted your mirror!!
    Good luck at KIRO, they have nothing more than second rate programming and I only tune in to follow the Mariner games when on the road!

  6. Frank Iacolucci /

    Don James had same thing in 1987…closed practices up for remaining time at UW while someone reported an injury after Chris Chandler got hurt. The media doesn’t need to be allowed to report anything if the team doesn’t want them too. Boo Hoo…So shut the f up that you agree with this assclowns statement. He’s a joke and that’s why he works for a paper that doesn’t even print anymore.

  7. Husky down South /

    I read Condotta’s blog daily, and consider myself a pretty interested fan. But this policy really doesn’t bug me – even with it there will be more than enough information out there for most fans. Sure, the true addicts will suffer, but that’s a small slice, and frankly, they probably will be better off.

  8. John Herrmann /

    Wow Jim, a bit of a hangover today? I’m disappointed that Condotta won’t be able to give us all his usual great coverage (yes, I’m a Husky) but I’m really not surprised given that several other Pac-12 programs have similar policies. Sounds more like a coach that just feels at a disadvantage that trying to cover his ass.

    And by the way, what’s Sark supposed to do on his radio show. I thought I heard him say their overall performance made him want to puke. Doesn’t sound like someone trying to convey they played well.

    • dawgfather /

      After he gets his nose out of Condotta’s a**s maybe he’ll cover a team worthy of his attention…….like the Cougs. Hey Jimmy, you got your own problems east of the mountains. You want to see panic and hysteria. Leach is laying the egg in Pullman. He can’t win there. He doesn’t have the kids, can’t get the kids, not enough of them anyway to make it. All that money. There struggling with UNLV!!!!!

      Clean up your own crap Jimmy boy. Do something important, someting worthy of your time, attention, and credentials, like the planning the Andrew Furney fan club. Write about that.

      • dawgfather /

        Speaking of the UNLV game, what great game management by that dope running things over there. The refs blow two late calls and bail that idiot out. The team your playing has no time outs and he’s throwing the ball because he got his feelings hurt?

        That’s what your gonna get with this idiot.

        Write about that game management Jimmy. Let’s see if you got the balls to write about Leach’s clock management.

        God I wish I could have seen you squirm that last minute.

        Finally, I’d also like to know what the spread was. I wonder if Leach had to throw it to cover. Hmmmmmmm????

  9. Were you drinking JD when you wrote this? I’ve never read anything from you with such intensity. But big picture-so what. This is a common practice throughout college football. Mike Leach has been doing it for years. There are 5 teams in the PAC 12 with the same policy. It’s not ground breaking.

    • Mike Leach most certainly does NOT have the same policy. Educate yourself, son!

      • rugbydad /

        Ben you can’t reason with stupid. They are huskies after all. They can’t grasp the consept that not reporting injuries is not the same as banning people from reporting on what they see take place in practice. This must be Short-timers way of keeping everyone away from practice without having to be the villian with closing practices completely.

  10. lol@ a coug calling UW a bad team. You talk about poor coaching and poor recruiting maybe because it isn’t fun writing about a WSU team that isn’t anywhere near as good as expected?

    Grammar cops online are egocentric blowhards who have to resort to picking on the minutia of a topic when there is no real substance to debate or discuss.

    With that in mind all I got from this post is you are angry over a team you hate doing what your own team does in protecting their own self interest and you didn’t have enough material to fill the rest of it so you picked on grammar and attempted to stir up the pot by placing Sark on the hot seat. I’m sure it will add more readers from cougar land. Congrats.

    A coug not supporting a UW coach/player? What a shock.

  11. Mark Smaha /

    In 1999, my last year as athletic trainer at WSU, the feds passed a law HIPPA, that forbids releasing confidential medical imformation to the public as a violation of civil rights. This was seomwhat problematic for us, since the media wanted to know and even more sensitive, pro scouts expected us to share information on potential pro prospects regarding injuries.

    UNLESS, the athlete signs a release. Go Cougs

  12. Jim, lay off the Angostura shots. All coaches have a love/hate symbiotic relationship with the sports press and the give and take changes. Sark is doing what many coaches do and you’re sounding petulant and jilted, like how you frequently wrote/write about Bishop Sankey choosing UW over the Cougs.

    Life’s not fair bud, and while that’s an excellent reason to drink, it’s not a reason to do it to excess.

    And since your Cougs have played ‘perennial powerhouse’ Portland State before, what should we expect? After all, they were one of your TWO wins back in 2008, along with barely beating the Huskies by 3 points in double OT. So, that year, your Cougs were marginally better than the Dawgs. Since the Cougs are experienced concerning PSU, do you have any pointers, tips, etc.,?

    Otherwise, be well, and scratch your Golden behind the ears!


  13. Purple Drank /

    Wow Jim, what crawled up your butt? You sound like a teenage girl who got stood up at prom. This article reeks of panic just as much are your claim that Sark is “panicking”.

    Why don’t you and Coug Nation focus more on how many stupid flags you can waive during Game Day. That’s about all you crimson clad goobers are good at doing.

  14. Bla Bla /

    so anyway… i guess you didn’t feel funny today, eh jim?

  15. Jim Moron /

    Your Coogs are 0-3 against Sark…That is all.

  16. arealcoug /

    This is the strangest piece i have ever read. you sound like a girl just broke up with you and you are bitter. Why dont you do all of us cougs a favor and write about the cougars for a change and stop reinforcing the inferiority complex that huskies think we have.

    • SouthOfEden /

      Best post of the day!
      Seriously, Jim’s grade-school whining wreaks of inferiority complex. Write about the Cougs, for God’s sake.

  17. Thanks for your comments. We’ll see how it plays out. You might be right about Sark. Maybe he’ll get the program turned around. Maybe he won’t. Just finding some of the things he’s saying and doing are more and more curious, bordering on desperation. I still tend to think that he’s an OK coach at best, benefiting from being at USC with great talent. Have a good weekend, thanks for visiting the site.

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