It’s True… Picking Dawgs To Beat USC

Call me an idiot – and some of you already have – but I think the Dawgs are going to beat USC tomorrow at Century Link Field.

Naturally I hope I’m as wrong as I was last week – I thought the Dawgs would keep it close against the Ducks. I figured they gained confidence from beating Stanford and would at least be competitive in Eugene.

Turnovers killed them. Even without the turnovers, they probably would have been crushed anyway. Sometimes when you analyze these things, you’re way off base, and I’m off base more than most.

The Huskies are 13-point underdogs to USC. The Trojans are loaded on offense with Matt Barkley, Silas Redd, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee. I’m sure they’re loaded on defense too; I just don’t know what their names are.

But I just think the Dawgs are going to show some fight in this game. I don’t think they want to be trampled two weeks in a row. They’ll want to show that the Stanford game wasn’t a fluke.

Here’s another way to look at it – if Washington’s good enough to beat Stanford, and Stanford’s good enough to beat USC, isn’t Washington good enough to beat USC too?

Let’s hope not. I’d rather take crap for badly missing another prediction than getting one right.

The Husky defense played well against Stanford, which leads me to believe that it will play well against USC. The Dawgs are at their temporary home, Century Link, which should help as well.

Keith Price admits he’s been pressing. I’m guessing he’ll let it rip and play better tomorrow. Bishop Sankey, traitor that he is, has given Washington a decent running game to complement the sporadic passing game.

Another factor – the weather. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and it might be heavy at times. USC doesn’t like rain. The Trojans have a history of losing games at Husky Stadium when the weather’s been dreadful.

God help me, but I think the Dawgs get it done against USC. Nothing makes me sicker than happy Huskies, and I have a feeling that I’ll be shoving a finger down my throat tomorrow night.




    YOU PICK THE PUPPIES? I am not sure I’ll be able to roam this site again. I feel like I need a shower. The Dawgs? I hope to hear the SC fight song ringing in Clink every 2 minutes! SC 28 pups 10

    • WAZZU_jEFF /

      At the very least after another egg layer from the Cougs. The Pups Suck just as bad!

      • @WAZZU_Jeff,
        no we don’t, and you know it. After the ‘Older Women’ beat Stanford, come back here and talk more smack.

        We should have beat SC, but our weak O-Line and more mistakes cost us the game. But we fought during the second half, unlike your team, which quit – AGAIN.

        If we suck just as bad, as you allege, I guess we really didn’t beat Stanford this year, or go to bowl games the last couple of years, or actually have a better win-loss record…

        Don’t quit your day job to become a History teacher dude.

        Go Huskies!

  2. Fred Ruedy /

    Jim, I think you may be right—including the score. While on the subject of upsets, I think the Cougs will beat Cal. As a DAWG fan, I’d still like to see the COUGS win.

  3. Dawgfather /

    It is not often that I agree with Mr. Moore but for once he will be right. Straight up, Dawgs over SC

    That’s right Neil, the Dawgs!!

  4. Dave Fleischman /

    Way to get on the band wagon Jim!


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