Sad To Hear That Gas Man’s Leaving KJR

Mike Gastineau announced yesterday that he’s leaving KJR after 21 years and more than 5,000 shows at the sports-radio station.

The Gas Man said he is leaving to “explore other creative options.”

I don’t have any idea what those options are; I just wanted to tip my cap to Gastineau for a job well done.

For several years, I went on the air for a weekly segment with Mike and Dave Grosby during their “Groz with Gas” show, which had a great run at KJR. Dave is now at 710 ESPN Seattle, working with Bob Stelton on “Bob and Groz” weekdays from noon to 3.

Mike was always great to me during those segments. To this day, he always has a smile on his face when I see him.

I have a greater appreciation for what he’s accomplished since I started working at 710 ESPN Seattle nearly three years ago.

Some people say: “You’re just talking sports, how tough can it be?” I’d agree to a point. But to keep sports talk informative and entertaining enough to make it consistently compelling to listeners isn’t easy.

I struggle with it every day and basically come back to an attitude of just trying to be myself on the air. If that’s good enough, great. If it’s not, oh well, at least I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not. That’s a lot of “nots” in one sentence, but I think you get my point.

That might be what I appreciated most about Gastineau – he was himself on the air. I enjoyed listening to his show.

At 710 ESPN Seattle, we are in competition with KJR for listeners. It’s the way it was at the now-defunct Seattle Post-Intelligencer – we were in competition with the Seattle Times for readers.

Yet I always had friendships with Times sportswriters and still do. I feel the same way about many of the guys at KJR, including Gastineau.

At any rate, I just wanted to acknowledge Mike’s terrific career at KJR and wish him the best in the future.


  1. Jim, it is solely upon your shoulders now to represent Dogs as pets in sports radio. I am sad of this news, Gas was good, lighthearted, funny, relevant, many ways to describe him. Gas is special.

  2. Thanks for not ruining this article by writing “Go Cougs”

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