Cougs Lose But Dawgs Do Too

If you watched the Pac-12 Network for four hours like I did Wednesday night, you know that Oregon beat Washington State 68-61 and Oregon State beat Washington 74-66.

The Cougs led 39-29 at halftime, but everyone who follows them knew we’d probably lose, and we did. Just being honest, hate to be pessimistic and glass-is-half-empty when it comes to the Cougs in anything, but our hoops team isn’t very good, and Oregon’s is.

The Ducks are ranked 16th in the country. We played great in the first half, making 7 of 13 three-point attempts. Then we went 0-for-11 from beyond the arc in the second half.

Playing at home, the Ducks rallied like you figured they would. We didn’t collapse entirely, but just enough for Oregon to coast in the last two minutes.

Interestingly, the Beavers also led 39-29 at halftime and hung on after the Dawgs closed within 53-52. Oregon State won its first Pac-12 game just like Utah did when it beat Washington last Saturday at Hec Ed Pavilion.

The Husky loss eased the pain of the Cougar loss. Husky losses have a way of doing that. People wonder – or I should say that Husky fans wonder – which makes me happier, a Cougar win or a Husky loss?

Cougar wins still make me happier, but Husky losses aren’t far behind. In fact, if it were a horse race, it would be a photo finish with Cougar wins nosing out Husky losses on the happiness meter.

With basketball, we’re not expecting much from our team this year. So when we do post a win in the Pac-12, it’s a nice surprise.

The Huskies always expect to make it to the NCAA Tournament. So when they lose, especially to bottom feeders such as Utah and Oregon State, it’s a beautiful thing. Though I’ll freely admit that U-Dub basketball losses aren’t nearly as much fun as U-Dub football losses.

If there’s a fault with Lorenzo Romar, it’s that he’s too darn likable. I like to see his team lose, but I don’t like to see him lose, if that makes sense, which I know it doesn’t.

I just like the fact that Husky fans must have been getting their hopes up with a 4-0 start to the conference season. And I’m sure they thought they’d beat Utah last Saturday to improve to 5-0. Now they’re 4-2 and about to go to 4-3 when they lose to Oregon on Saturday.

Am I a shallow and really small person? God yes. One more thing…

Go Cougs.


  1. CougmomX4 /

    I really appreciate that you say what so many of us feel. Thanks

  2. Jimbo-

    Me thinks what all Cougars would truly be happy with a return to the days of ‘Bennett Ball’ where a group of under-rated players overachieve in a team sport and beat superior players of all stripes who resort to one on one play for the high light reels on ESPN (read as Dawgs).

    Let’s face it, KBone Ball has all the requisite X’s and O’s, but none of the players necessary to execute it to the ‘T’
    (and probably never will).

    Pullman will never be able to draw top flight talent looking to get the headlines in the one and gone era of college basketball prevalent today.

    If only Tony had stayed a little longer, the Moos would have given him charter flights in and out of Pullman and upgraded the facilities to his likeing.

    Ya don’t know what ya got until its gone, eh?

    Go Cougs!

  3. Richard Mattrass /

    I miss George Raveling! Even when we lost, it was entertaining and fun.

  4. this post is getting old but it still rings true. UW and WSU need to forfeit the season, recruit their asses off, and start fresh next year.

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