Leach Cleared, 2013 Schedule, And…

Lots of Coug football news this week with the Pac-12 finding that Mike Leach and his assistant coaches have not been abusive to the players, a claim that Marquess Wilson made when he left the team in November.

The 2013 schedule was also released this week with the surprise announcement that the Stanford game will be played in Seattle instead of the Oregon State game.

I’m glad that the Pac-12 investigation has finally ended and that Leach was cleared of any wrongdoing.

I’ve heard from some Cougs who feel like I’ve got issues with Leach. I don’t. I personally don’t think I’d respond in a positive way to his coaching methods, but if this is what it takes to change our losing culture, fine.

He knows what he’s doing. He built a highly successful program at Texas Tech and you can only assume he’ll do the same thing at Washington State.

I just thought we’d be better than 3-9 this year. Leach accused of me having some kind of “agenda,” and I really don’t other than thinking we’d be better than we were this year.

I would’ve even accepted 3-9 if we had lost games 46-35 instead of 46-7. I’m guessing that even Leach’s biggest supporters thought we’d be better offensively than we were.

But I guess you can blame those problems on our offensive line – at least that’s what I hear all the time.

So let’s see what happens in 2013. It’s going to be difficult opening the season with games at Auburn and USC. And if I’m being honest, I’m not excited about a Martin Stadium schedule with games against Southern Utah, Idaho, Oregon State, Arizona State and Utah.

We replaced the BYU game with Southern Utah. Why? Bill Moos said it had something to do with wanting better scheduling balance.

Translated: We have a much better chance of beating Southern Utah than BYU.

But as a fan, I’d rather watch us lose a close game to BYU than beat the heck out of Southern Utah, a team I didn’t even know existed before it popped up on our schedule.

Southern Utah? Are you kidding me? We already have a cupcake on our schedule in Idaho? Do we really need two?

If you’re a true Coug, I suppose it doesn’t matter – you’re going to buy season tickets anyway. But if you’re an on-the-fence Coug who’s thinking about getting season tickets, having Southern Utah on the schedule makes it harder to get your wallet out.

Here’s another thing I never thought I’d say – I’m ready for the Seattle home games to end. Now that there’s a Pac-12 TV contract that gives millions of dollars to conference schools, is it really necessary to play a game in Seattle anymore?

I like going to the Seattle games – a 10-mile drive beats a 300-mile drive to watch the Cougs – but it’s like an away game for the team. We have a better chance of beating Stanford at Martin Stadium than we do at Century Link Field.

Oh well, Go Cougs.


  1. Jim why are you avoiding talking about basketball? The coogs hoops team is so bad that the release of the Pac-12 football schedule is bigger news?

  2. Jim,
    Disregard Eric’s comments, he is a husky and a dumbass.

  3. Bill Eltz /

    Did the Drill win any money on the Apple Cup?

  4. I’m a season ticket holder and supporter of the Seattle game, I’ve only missed it once in it’s existence. I think it’s great for the casual Seattle fan that doesn’t want to make his/her way to Pullman but still wants to watch the Cougs. I like the fact that WSU makes so much money from it, and I think it’s good for recruiting to have 1 game every year in a pro stadium. Like it or not, I think kids get excited for games like that, just like they do for cool uniforms. I get the “losing out on home field advantage” argument, but if we could sell that out I don’t think we’d lose that much of a home field advantage. So get on your buddies cases if they’re thinking of not going to that game.

    In Leach we trust. Go Cougs.

  5. Jim–I thought the Cougs would be better than 3-9 because I wanted them to be better than 3-9. Then I saw them play against BYU and EWU. Our talent gap is HUGE and that’s before factoring in the transition to a new system. Our ENORMOUS losing attitude holds us back even more. I am more confident in Leach today than I was when he was hired. I have no doubt he can be successful at WSU and do so on a consistent basis. That being said, I still don’t see more than 4-5 wins next year. Realistic expectations–or should I say tempered ones–are going to help you survive in 2013, Jim.

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