Leaf In Montana State Prison Now

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse for Ryan Leaf, the former Cougar QB violated his treatment plan at a drug-treatment center and was sent to the Montana State Prison.

In an Associated Press story, we learn that the staff at the treatment center had exhausted all resources in keeping him there. We also learned that Leaf wanted to drag a staffer by his hair and that he wanted to throw the staffer against a wall and smash a glass into the man’s head.

So now he’s in the big house. His five-year sentence for burglary and possession of dangerous drugs called for him to be in the treatment facility for nine months as an alternative to prison.

He’ll be at the Montana State Prison until at least June 30, when he’ll be eligible for parole.

What is there left to say? I don’t know enough about drug addiction to write intelligently about it.

It’s got a powerful grip on Leaf, that’s for sure. If it didn’t, he’d be more accepting of the help he needs.

I still have a hard time believing that all of this is happening. I met Leaf for lunch at Joey Restaurant in Seattle two years ago. He seemed to be on the comeback road and grateful for support from Coug Nation.

Then in 2011 at Banyan’s at Palouse Ridge before the Stanford game, Leaf gave books to every person, friend and relative, who had helped him through his ordeal.

He spoke to each person with heartfelt gratitude, tearing up at times.

If you had told me that night that he would end up in the Montana State Prison, I would not have believed it. He seemed like he had gone through the worst of it and was coming out on the other side.

But, again, I know nothing about drug addiction. I’m just saddened by the latest chapter in the Ryan Leaf saga.


  1. Jim,

    I’m not sure there is much that can be said. An addict can want and accept help but it doesn’t mean they will be successful at beating the addiction.

  2. You don’t deserve to use Dawgfather. The true Dawgfather wouldn’t write such crap.

  3. TrueCoug /

    Ryan Leaf has more of a life than you do, buddy.

  4. Greg Bert /

    Hi Jim, I am a high school PE teacher in Tumwater and an avid SC fan (alum). Anyway, I very much enjoy your writing style and the variety of topics on your website that I just discovered! Because I am an avid (ok, addicted) listener to 710 talk, Hawks and M’s games I heard your bit about the top 5 worst Hawk QB’s and had to go online to see what you wrote. Anyway, I really enjoy the show with you and Dave especially and Kevin too- when he is on. Keep up the great work and good job! Good luck with the Cougs- a lot of my teacher friends are Cougs, and I might be the only SC fan up here; oh well. Greg Bert, Tumwater, WA

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