What Happened To The Cougs Last Night?

I’m not sure why I’m asking that question in a headline when I know the answer and you know the answer…

We lost to the Huskies 68-63. Why did we lose? You know the answer to that one too…

We’re not very good.

Someone on Twitter told me I need to be more positive when it comes to the Cougs, and believe me, I try to be, but I’d rather be honest. And if I’m being honest in every assessment of the Cougs, it comes back to us not being very good.

You could pick any coach in the country and he’d have a hard time milking victories out of this team now that Pac-12 play has started. We’ll win a few, maybe even four or five out of the 18 we’ll play, but this team lacks talent to be competitive on a consistent basis.

If we had Reggie Moore, I’d feel differently. But Reggie’s not on the team anymore, which leaves us without a true point guard and one of our better players.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have Brock Motum and DaVonte Lacy. When other teams suffocate Motum, as the Huskies did yesterday, we don’t have much in the way of a Plan B.

Will DiIorio was a surprising Plan B last night – the walk-on from Bainbridge Island delivered three surprising threes against the Dawgs, but it still was not enough.

Again, if I’m being honest, I’m worried about Ken Bone’s future. I personally like the guy and want him to succeed. But I don’t see it happening, not with the players we have this year.

As you know, that capped off a big day for the Huskies because Joe Mathis, a defensive end from Upland, Calif., verbally committed to play football for Washington yesterday afternoon.

When he announced his decision by putting on a U-Dub cap at a news conference, Mathis pretty much assured himself of never playing for a good college football team unless he transfers at some point.

Naturally UW assistant coach Tosh Lupoi was credited with snaring Mathis because Lupoi is such a recruiting whiz that every player he talks to – or plays video games with – magically commits to Washington.

What’s cool about that is this…

As long as Coach Sark’s the head man, no matter who the players are, it’s a given that the Huskies will finish 7-6. In their quest to recapture their glorious past, the Dawgs have finished 7-6 the past three years, and if they can go 7-6 in 2013, Coach Sark will get a Go 2 Guy standing ovation for fooling ALL of the people ALL of the time.

Scott Woodward’s love affair with Coach Sark approximates that of Barbara Hedges with Rick Neuheisel.

And while we’re at it, what’s with NFL teams still being interested in Coach Sark? Don’t they get the Pac-12 Network? Did they not see the Dawgs’ games this year? But I’ll give him this – no one treads water better than he does.

Last year the Dawgs had a catchy slogan: “Take the Next Step.” It should have been “Man, I Hope We Can Just Stay on the Step We’re On and Not Take a Step Back.” That would have been more accurate.

Suggestion for the 2013 season:

“Man, I Hope We Don’t Lose to the Cougs Again.”

Or better yet:

“Mediocre Forever.”


  1. Don’t forget we received a verbal from Ross as well. UW was well represented in the HS all star games this weekend. Things are looking up.

    What’s the WSU slogan? “I sure wish we were mediocre”

  2. hey, come read my cougar blog… really, i promise not to devolve AGAIN into another tirade about how i hate/am jealous of the huskies…

  3. Cougar81 /

    Another long year for Cougar basketball. After teams defend Motum, what else is left? It’s obvious: Bone can’t recruit size to save himself. He’s in hbis what, fifth year? C’mon Moos: give him the hook.

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