My Vet’s The Best Vet Ever

I’ve got a cool vet. I know… everyone who has a dog thinks his vet is cool. But mine’s the coolest.

She’s Dr. Terry Tomchick at Alpine Animal Hospital. I’ve known “Dr. Terry” for 25 years. I took my first golden, Murph, to Dr. Terry when he was six weeks old.

Fourteen years later, I took my second golden, Willie, to Dr. Terry when he was six weeks old.

Willie’s almost 10 years old now. I took him in for a “senior” check-up two weeks ago. In most respects, he’s doing fine.

But something showed up in the X-rays. His intestines are in a different position than they should be. Or something like that.

Because they’re situated the way they are, there’s some concern about his spleen. Dr. Terry mentioned that they didn’t see a “mass” in the X-rays, but they want to make sure. So she suggested an ultrasound.

The ultrasound will cost $300 to $400, and I was good to go with that. If he has a mass, Willie can live without his spleen if need be. Dr. Terry said if it were her dog, she’d have an ultrasound.

So tomorrow, Willie will have one. And Dr. Terry called me back to tell me that Alpine Animal Hospital will pay for it through its Pet Fund.

The clinic has a Pet Fund that was formed 10 years ago. It helps dog and cat owners in financial need.

The Pet Fund was originally funded by former Mariner Jeff Cirillo, who promised to make a $20,000 donation to my favorite charity if he didn’t hit .280 during the 2003 season.

I can’t remember what he hit, but he fell short of .280, and Cirillo came through on his pledge – donating $10,000 to Alpine Animal Hospital and $10,000 to the Kitsap County Humane Society.

The $10,000 at Alpine Animal Hospital was used to start the Pet Fund, which exists to this day.

I guess as a thank you of sorts, Dr. Terry will take care of Willie’s ultrasound tomorrow through the Pet Fund.

I want to thank her for that and Jeff Cirillo too. And now you know why I think I’ve got the coolest vet of all.

Plus one more thanks to you for coming back to the site. Hope you have a good day.


  1. Luke /

    Good luck with Willie. My pooch developed lumps later in her life. My vet wisely advised that she was “geriatric” and that I needed to balance risk versus reward. I opted to do nothing and she lived happily until age 15. Sounds like Willie is younger & stronger. Good luck again!
    All the best!

  2. Bill M /

    Are you in financial need? Seems those funds could be put towards those that truly cannot afford it. If you can afford Coug season tickets you can afford the ultrasound. Come on Jim, step up here

  3. Jeff /

    Cool beans, but I have to ask… If you were fine with the cost, why accept the freebie supposed to go to someone in financial need?

    Maybe you should pay it forward and donate the amount back to the fund for someone that really needs to have some help with a vet bill.

  4. Steve Templeton /

    Jim, I’m glad Alpine has worked out so well for you. Not so much for me. We took our Westie there for an emergency, and although he survived, I’m not sure I would give Alpine any credit.
    I felt our Westie was treated more poorly than I have seen at other vet clinics, and when we mentioned our concerns we were basically told we were ill informed and could remove our dog at any time. We couldn’t, of course, since the “treatment” had already started.
    In addition whenever we called or visited to see how he was doing, which I admit was two to three times a day we were told that our dog wasn’t the only dog that was being treated at Alpine.

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