This is a gallery of different images that have appeared in the Go 2 Posts or just tickle my fancy. There’s no method behind the pics, or is there? Hope they’re fun for you.

Beat UW License Plate – Eric Drenkpohl

My Two Favorite Cougs – Eric Drenkpohl

Bruce Maupin showing Jason Gesser his own "Legends of the Palouse"

Don't piss me off, Moore!

Actually, the host does get free beer. Right buddy?

Fight, fight, fight for Washington State!

Whose Smile is Masking Fear?

There's an upside to every Cougar game.

One of my all-time favorite sports anchors.

A helluva man and baseball player.

Could learn a thing from Harmon.

Because I like golf?

I got nothing.

The Hardest Working Man in Seattle Sports Radio

Pronghorn Golf Club in Bend, OR

A view of the Pronghorn Golf Club in Bend, OR

Damn you Patrick Kerney!

Yep, Still Funny.

Actually, I did have a point.