On This Week In 2008, Beavers Hammered The Dawgs

The Seattle Times is honoring the 1991 co-national championship Washington team with constantly annoying weekly flashbacks to that forgettable season. Being the smart-ass that I am, I’m paying tribute to the Washington team that ran the table and posted a perfect 0-12 season in 2008.

Three years ago this week, the Huskies lost to Oregon State 34-13 as Tyrone Willingham’s troops turned in yet another memorable performance at Husky Stadium. The details:

Oregon State’s James Rodgers piled up 216 all-purpose yards and scored 3 TDs while his brother Jacquizz racked up another 94 yards on the ground. Lyle Moevao might have been one of the Beavers’ worst starting quarterbacks ever, but if he had played against the ’08 Huskies in every game, he would be in the Oregon State Hall of Fame. Moevao completed 18 of 22 passes for 191 yards against Paint Dry Ty’s defenseless wonders.

Willingham really had his boys fired up and ready to play in this one – the Huskies were called for a delay of game penalty before they made their first snap of the game.

U Dub QB Ronnie Fouch was particularly sharp against Oregon State, throwing three interceptions and coughing up a fumble to the grateful Beavers.

Typical of the Huskies, who live in the past more than the Mariners do, Don James and the 1978 Rose Bowl team were honored at halftime, drawing the biggest – and only – cheers of the day. I’m telling you, the DawgFather, to this day, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the Washington faithful who always seem to conveniently forget that he quit on their team.

The game ended in fitting fashion. Washington had a first-and-goal from the Beavers’ 1 but failed to score. Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano called it “inexcusable.” I called it “beautiful” then, and I call it “beautiful” now, remembering the ineptitude well.

After the game, UW AD Scott Woodward was asked about Willingham’s situation and said that he did not foresee an in-season coaching change. Cougars cheered when they heard his comments, wanting Willingham to remain forever.

Paint Dry Ty said: “We’ve got to find a way out of this gloom and doom.” Fortunately things turned gloomier and doomier – listen, I know that doomier isn’t a word, but if Willingham thought 0-6 was gloom and doom, he was about to find out otherwise.

His team had just tied Jim Owens’ 1969 Huskies for the worst start to a season and was halfway home to 0-12.

NEXT WEEK: Notre Dame comes to town!

Here’s a link to the ’91 flashback in the Times, replaying Washington’s 24-17 win over Cal.


  1. Coog84 /

    Classic! Keep ‘em coming.

    (UW sychophant will post: “how many Rose Bowls and mythical shared National Titles have he Cougars won?” in 3…2….1….)

  2. I saw the picture or TW and I almost through up. Cruel Jim. Cruel. Have fun in Pullman.

  3. You are consistently the worst journalist in the city, if not the entire country.

  4. coug'n it /

    Hey Jim, just wondering if you saw the Cougs blow the end of the game against UCLA over the weekend? Although the huskies had a horrific year in ’08, last weekend was just another reminder that the cougs always have been, and always will be.. a punchline.

    coug’n it forever..

  5. Seattle3419 /

    Typical Coug, more concerned about bashing UW than rooting for their own team. Write-ups like this just scream ‘jealous little brother’.

    • I Bleed Crimson /

      Jim 3, UW fans without a sense of humor and living in the past 0

    • Jim 3, UW fans without a sense of humor 0.

    • Seattle3419…you’re right, I wake up every morning wishing I had a power-trippin’ little man as my athletic director and a power-trippin’ little man as my defensive coordinator. i’d also give anything if i could bark for sark. guilty as charged, i’m envious.

  6. Why can’t the Husky nation ever get that Don James quit instead of fighting on. He should of fought the allegations.
    Just like he told his football team many times to do.

    • i have a lot of respect for don james, but i never understood his rationale for quitting. seemed pretty lame to me. if i’d been one of his players at the time, i would have been shaking my head at the dawgfather. i wasn’t one of his players and i was shaking my head anyway. huskies, thankfully, have not been the same since. the only really good year came under a coach they couldn’t stand in neuheisel. go cougs.

  7. Still Laughing /

    LOL, when Oregon fans talk smack about 0-12 I get it. I mean, they were killing us. But when the Cougs do it? LOL! Just LOL! Yes, you beat a coachless Husky team that year. I know it’s one of the highlights of your decade. And you’re right, Jim, UW fans have had to live in history a little bit because of the struggles. So let’s jump forward. Care to do a review of the the Wulff-Sarkisian games?

    • I Bleed Crimson /

      Jim 4, UW fans without a sense of humor 0

    • Quite honestly, no, I don’t want to review the Wulff-Sark games. I have a feeling that my guy’s going to break serve this year. Tuel to Wilson, Tuel to Wilson, over and over again, along with ROOT Sports sideline shots of a bewildered Nick Holt. Go Cougs.

  8. Husky short bus /

    Yeah the Cougs blew it last week but they have never gone 0-12.

    PS I met Don James at a golf tourney, wow what a prick. No wonder he was a cheating/quitter.

  9. I Bleed Crimson /

    Funny as usual. Can the Huskies bronze a statue of Ty outside Husky Stadium? I think that would be fitting given that he led them to a perfect season. How many other coaches can say that? No, really. How many?

  10. I’m a die-hard Huskies, and as such, I’m taught to dislike whatever Jim Moore has to say. However, any link that Bob Condotta posts from him, I make it a priority to read. I find it funny how Husky fans think this has some educational value or something. It’s pre entertainment and just take it as such. Moore is a funny guy. Just enjoy life Dawg fans.

  11. I’m a die-hard Huskies fan, and as such, I’m taught to dislike whatever Jim Moore has to say. However, any link that Bob Condotta posts from him, I make it a priority to read. I find it funny how Husky fans think this has some educational value or something. It’s pure entertainment and just take it as such. Moore is a funny guy. Just enjoy life Dawg fans.

  12. I Bleed Purple /

    I Bleed Crimson: you missed Zach in your tally, throw in Davis and myself and suddenly you can score it Jim 4 Good Guys 3.

    I always (well mostly) get amused by your posts, when you throw in the entertainment value of the Dawgs who take this seriously then it does bring up a chuckle (at least I think that’s a chuckle). That said I am NOT looking forward to next weeks ND post. Take it easy on us Jim, as you can tell by coug’n it we have fragile egos. Thanks.

  13. MarioLopez /

    I’m a huge husky fan and this is actually hilarious. The coverage of the 91 team is excessive. Yes it was one of the best teams of all time and it is the 20year anniversary but we dont need to hear about it every week. Kudos to Jim because his rebuttal (covering 2008) is hilarious.

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