It Bugs Me That Mike Leach Shot A Bear

Over the weekend, new Coug coach Mike Leach went to Alberta and shot a bear. He tweeted a picture of the bear, and sure enough, it looks deader than a doornail.

As an animal lover, I don’t get it. Take away my “man card” if you want, but I’ve never understood hunting. Then again, I’m a hypocrite I guess – if I was truly against the killing of animals, then I should be a vegetarian, but I’m not.

Explain how it should be considered some kind of cool feat, the fact that you’ve gunned down a bear in the wildnerness. Like we’re supposed to say: “Way to go, Mike! Way to get that bear in your scope and pull the trigger!”

What’s so sporting about that?

If you want a fair fight, take the gun away from Leach and have him go man-to-man or man-to-bear, and let’s see how that comes out. Or give the damn bear a gun so he can shoot back.

I know I’m taking this too far, way too far, but what the hell, it’s my website, and journalistic standards that I tried to adhere to at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer don’t apply here.

On some levels, I thought it was interesting that our new coach was going on a bear hunt when I first heard about it. But then when he posted the picture with his conquest, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Then when he tweeted that the guide said it was one of the biggest bears he’d ever seen anyone gun down, well, what are we supposed to say?

“Wow, Mike, how cool is that that you killed a 7-foot, 350-pound bear in cold blood? Congratulations! Go Cougs!”

Leach went on the hunt with former Cal QB Mike Pawlawski, who’s involved with the Outdoor Channel. Maybe the Leach bear hunt will be on a show at some point. Can’t wait for that.

What I am excited about is this – Chris in Sumner tweeted that it’s 99 days until the Mike Leach Era begins in Pullman with a Thursday night game at BYU.


  1. Steve Doyle /

    Mike Leach did fight that bear with nothing but his bare hands.

  2. shannon ware /

    Couldn’t agree with you more and that’s no pun. I sure hope that the bear was consumed or prepared for consumption vs just wasting an animal for no good purpose at all. But seriously, there is no good purpose. It’s clear Leach does not lack for food. Disgusting.

  3. Mike /


    Just so you know right off the bat, I’m a Husky. I read you periodically because sometimes you can be funny and entertaining and that is part of the Husky/Cougar rivalry. However, your remarks regarding Mike Leach’s bear hunt can only be described as ignorant. Don’t bitch about something, if as admitted by you, you have no actual knowledge of the subject. Educate yourself about hunting and gain some perspective. You have fallen short in this department and I am sure it is embarrasing for many cougs. If you still disagree with hunting after learning about it then fine. At least you could produce a column that is not embarrassing to you or your school.

    Now, back to the rivalry: You know what they say, Once a Husky always a DAWG, once a Cougar alwasys a pussy.

    • Go 2 Sis /

      Mike, when our father was a younger man he used to hunt deer, moose, elk and was an avid fisherman and we ate it all! As he got older it was hard for him to kill an animal. Yes, it is necessary for the environment and population, and if the kill is used for food then it is justifiable but the sport in killing an animal is just not the way we were raised. Have you ever been to a bull fight? My husband and I had to leave. For us there is no “sport” in killing a defenseless animal. My brother is educated about the process but he has a soft soul and could never kill anything.

      As for his “embarrassing” journalism: there wasn’t any. On your part however, yes, I agree, Once a DAWG always a DAWG who lies on the floor and licks his balls. Once a Cougar always a pussy? Nah, I don’t think so. They may get more than you do but that’s about it!

  4. Thanks Jim for the perspective. Gotta wonder what if feels like one week later when you consider this animal is no longer out in the wild. Is it really worth the pelt or wall mount?

    I’m not opposed to hunting either, this just seems a little over the top. Just because you can travel to Canada with a cable tv show to hunt a bear, how satisfying is killing a bear for reality tv? Just feels wrong to me.

  5. Mikey /

    Husky here, seldom agree with the Go2Guy, but agreeing with you here. And not because the coug HC is in the story, but because of the underlying concept that there is absolutely nothing manly about getting dressed up in camo pajamas and going into the woods with high powered mega scoped rifles and taking out an unaware creature hundreds of yards off. I’m not a vegetarian or a hippy, just a man in these modern times who thinks killing an animal like that is cowardly, whether the person doing it is a husky, coug, vandal, bronco, duck, beaver, etc.

    Good on you, Go 2 Guy.

  6. Bob Girard /

    Game management is important to keep all animal stock in good order. The killing of the “big guy” or oldest of the heard is good for the rest of the population by widening the gene pool. Plus unless you have had a bear burger you have no idea how good bear meat is. mmmmmm I am sure the meat and pelt were harvested with a plan in mind. Probably donated to a food bank.

    What else can a guy do with 2.5 million per year while living in Pullman?

    • Steve Doyle /

      Thank you Bob. I hadn’t had a chance to check in and what the anti’s were raving about. You are entirely correct in the fact that this regulated hunting with set numbers for each geographical area. The idea is to ensure that a healthy and viable population can thrive in the ecosystem available. To anyone that truly feels that such management is so horrible, go tear down your house, never buy anything from a store or grow it in a garden. Doing so is depriving the wild animals of more habitat to sustain larger populations. Ranches, Farms and human development all do this. So go live in the woods. Oh wait you can’t do that because then you would have forage (taking away resources from wild animals) or hunt.

  7. Sam /

    Another Husky here, and I too couldn’t agree with you more. When I read the first story about the bear hunt, I was pretty disgusted, and my opinion of Leach fell substantially. I’m not against all hunting, as I think a case can be made for it. Choosing to go on a bear hunt, however, and then bragging about the fact that the guide told you (and I’m sure only you, because guides never tell their clients about how special your trip was) how huge the thing you killed was, is evidence that Leach did it just because it made him feel tough. What’s the manliest thing I could kill? Oh a bear. And I’ll do it with a guide holding my hand the whole time. Just like a man.

    I’m embarrassed for WSU and I’m embarrassed for the state, and I hope he gets his act together.

  8. ruscle /

    Jim, a Husky that completely agrees with you. What a barbaric activity. How about the coach doing something useful for the world, not this ego-driven macho bullshit.

  9. Mike /

    Jim, we’ll see how you react if one of your family members ever gets eaten by a bear. You obviously know nothing about hunting. Maybe do a little research before you write your beer buzzed columns.

    • Go 2 Sis /

      Mike we grew up on venison. My dad was a hunter but as he got older he just couldn’t look the deer in the eye and kill it. My brother is the same way. He’s an animal lover, be it a wild animal or someones pet.

  10. Uncle Ted /


    Do you think that a farmer should go man-to-cow when they harvest a cow? What about a chicken having a gun to shoot back at the farmer? If I’m following your logic correctly then they should, correct? I only got a C+ in my logic class so please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    • Harry /

      Uncle Ted, I definitely hear what you’re saying, but when was the last time you saw a farmer pictured standing proudly with a dead chicken??? I understand that hunting is a very controlled and necessary part of regulating these resources. The problem I have and I think many on here have, is the chest thumping “hey look at me” arrogance of the hunter. He traveled with a guide to prescouted and more than likely pre-baited area and shot an unsuspecting animal from a distance,(OK fine)
      but then to beat your chest and say hey look what I did??? I don’t really see the achievement or for that matter the sport.

    • quorndawg /

      Man to cow would be a lot better than the slaughterhouses these animals are exterminated in factory farms.

  11. art /

    Boy, is that big sport, one bear at 200 yards and a high powered rifle. Sort of like shooting an elephant at point blank
    range. What kind of mentality is that ? When needed I am not
    against hunting, but sport in this matter is barbaric and as far as I am concerned nearly criminal. Don’t care who it is, this is not proper or humane management of our wildlife population. Hope the meat and fur went to a good cause.

  12. ruscle /

    Might be better “sport” to put Leach and Ted Nugent in the woods and let those knuckle-heads shoot at each other… Social Darwinism at its best!

  13. Sportsman /

    Totally agree with Go2, but now if Leech had shot a Cougar, time to get it stuffed and mounted.

  14. Eric /

    Wait, was this a Cal Bear or a UCLA Bruin? Either way, good riddance.

  15. HamHusky06 /

    Not a well written piece, but it’s his opinion. Here’s mine as a fisherman and hunter. Shooting bears is easy. It’s like catching trout in those kiddy ponds. People saying “Well Jim you’ll be eating your words after a bear attacks your family.” Bears will not attack his family. Shooting a big bear has nothing to do with gene pool variety, and bears don’t live in herds. Bear meat, also, is not good. It taste like crap. People end up using it for crab bait after it’s been sitting in the freezer for two years.

    Here’s my opinion as someone that has common sense. You have a high profile job? Don’t twitter or upload and post images of shooting mammals. They are cute. People will get upset. This has been seen time and time again. Recently the Fish and Game director of CA, and that fat bastard that opened Jimmy John’s. You want to waste money and shoot a bear? Be a crappy hunter. Mount it in your game room, show your friends when they come over. Leave it at that.

    Again… shooting bears is easy. Want to be a real hunter? Go jump some birds. Hike in 4 miles to some FS land and pack out an elk. As a former fishing guide in AK… “that’s the biggest king we caught all season. Nice work. Wow!”= tips. They sucked at fishing.

    All in all, this fits the man of Leach not giving an F. And I’m pretty excited to see him in Pullman. Couldn’t think of a better fit for them over there. I wanted the dawgs to land him back during all that hiring stuff. But soooo glad we didn’t. Sark is perfect for us. Go WA football… I miss the 90′s.

  16. Rampatrp; /

    Only low life scum shoots innocent bears in their own habitat. Mike Leach is a scumbag.


  17. Pete /

    “… your remarks regarding Mike Leach’s bear hunt can only be described as ignorant. Don’t bitch about something, if as admitted by you, you have no actual knowledge of the subject. Educate yourself about hunting and gain some perspective. You have fallen short in this department and I am sure it is embarrasing for many cougs.”

    Haha… you’re kidding, right? First of all, he never “admitted to having to actual knowledge of the subject.” But that doesn’t even matter. There isn’t much to know. Mike Leach pulled a trigger from a safe distance and killed a bear. There is nothing masculine or badass or honorable about that. Hunting for sustenance has its place, surely, but sport hunting is cowardly. It’s how fat old rich men make themselves feel like young, fertile warriors. It’s embarrassing.

    Jim, you nailed this one on the head.

  18. tom nixon /

    Jezzz, so big Mike shot a bear, big deal! Let’s talk about the really important stuff in life…..

    will the Huskies use a cover two D in the Apple Cup against the Cougs? Or will they go with man coverage?

  19. Jimmy Brisket /

    From one meat eater to another… The same comment I give folks who “hate” baseball applies. Just because you don’t understand the game, doesn’t make it a bad game.

  20. Jim Moore is a girl /

    Don’t you actually have to have a man card in order for it to be taken away? Nice try there jumbo…

  21. So you already said it but then apparently forgot by the end of your diatribe. Your demand for meat kills animals every day. Unless you’re a vegan YOU are responsible for animals dying each and every day. At least Coach Leach pulls the trigger and is man enough to admit it. You on the other hand still live in COMPLETE denial that you don’t kill animals. You just hire the guy with the butcher knife to slit the throat of the steer in the slaughterhouse. Grow a pair and get over it; or don’t and donate your alleged pair to science and become a vegan. :)

  22. Pat /

    Way to go Mike! That’s a really big bear and will make a beautiful rug. Hopefully the Cougars season will be as successful as your bear hunt was.

    Go Cougs!!

  23. Steve /

    I hope a Cougar eats him on his next Bear hunt!

  24. Mark /

    Jim, you man card has been pulled. I’m not a big fan of the cougs but I am now a fan of Mike Leach. I’m not going to go on and on about the necessity, or tradition of hunting. I will just say that as the human population grows it is our responsibility to manage wildlife populations. Biologist do their studies and set the seasons and the quota’s. It’s not up to us, the general public, or even us hunters to say what should and shouldn’t be hunted. I especially get irked when down town yuppies throw their uneducated two cent’s into the mix. You don’t manage wildlife with your heart, you manage it with facts and scientific sense. Stop being a pansy ass and leave the man alone.

  25. David /

    Just so I understand you all a little better, what distance is it ok to shoot a bear from? Who cares if it was 150 yards or 15? He shot a bear. Which is delicious btw, anyone who uses bear for crab bait is a db. Hunting is fun, legal, ethical and responsible. There is nothing manly about it and Leach never claimed there was. Women are currently the fastest growing demographic in hunting and shooting sports. Funny how the critics enjoy tearing down a straw man then complain about being ‘sporting’. Anyone can mock a stereotype. Get off your couch and go chase a wild animal through the woods and get back to me on what’s sporting.

  26. Marc /

    I have zero problem with killing traditional prey. I have an absolute problem with killing traditional predators.

    Bears are there to thin the herd long before Humanity. Same goes for all predators.

    Shooting a predator that itself will take care of several diseased prey screws up the ecosystem.

    Learn Fly Fishing, Pheasant/Duck/Chucker Hunting, Deer/Elk Hunting all you want so long as you don’t poach.

    Stop killing species whose numbers can easily swing them back to the endagered species list.

    It’s point less.

    Then again, the States should eliminate sport hunting of all predators.

  27. Trevor /

    I don’t usually comment on articles like these, but thought I’d drop a nugget. Who are you (a non-vegetarian) to decide what this man does with his money or how he obtains his food? You eat meat, but prefer someone to kill it, in a slaughterhouse, out of your sight. Well, I guess that’s what allows you to sleep at night because the thought that animals have to die to feed you is a thought you’d rather not have running through your brain. This man prefers to head into the forest and kill his own meat. Free from any possible hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. What if his family raises grass fed beef. Then kills them and butchers them. You gonna write a little blog post about how you don’t like how Mike Leach shoots defenseless beef cattle in his pasture?

  28. Charlie /

    Hey Mike,
    I had a cougar in my backyard last summer. If that big cat shows up again, will you come shoot it for me? On second thought, forget it. I’ll just put up some goal posts. That should keep it out of the yard.

  29. Brent Nelson /

    I’m a Husky, I always enjoyed your wit and brutal exchange, because of your humor, this animal rights wimper dimms my respect for your insight, shoot them, shoot them regularly, manage the wildlife appropriately, no issues or mishaps with them along the trails, simple to Go, Jimbo

  30. Call Me Impressed /

    I hear that Leach next plans to go punch out an toddler to keep bolstering his manly bravado.

    What a trophy of unskilled, empty-ego cowardice, Mike! You can take the life of an innocent, unthreatening being! So impressed!

    Thanks for the article, Go2.

  31. Thanks for your comments, just wrote how I felt about the whole thing, however hypocritical it might be. As my sister said, there’s just no way I could pull a trigger and shoot an animal, especially a deer. Maybe that makes me less of a man or whatever, and maybe I’m a pussy for writing what I wrote, that’s fine too. Whatever the case on all of it, thanks for stopping by the website. Have a good day and Go Cougs.

  32. John W /

    Your comments speak of a great love for wildlife and I appreciate that, as I love wildlife, too. You should understand some things about hunting and conservation that you clearly don’t now.

    Legal hunting is one of the most important aspects of wildlife conservation. Wildlife departments use hunters to remove surplus animals to maintain the proper carrying capacity of a given habitat. Carrying capacity is the number of animals that a given habitat can hold throughout the year without experiencing degradation. Without hunters as a tool to achieve this, this animals would still be killed, but by disease, starvation, and competition with each other. Hunting is a far more reliable tool and works to fund the agency which cares for the wildlife.

    In addition, in the US, hunters donate billions of dollars just for habitat restoration and conservation, and millions of hours of volunteer work in those areas. No other group comes even close. And groups like the Humane Society of the US (which spends less than 1% of it’s money on animal shelters), and the Defenders of Wildlife spend no money at all on the conservation of wildlife – none. Without hunters and their organizations, more than 90% of the money now spent on conservation would not exist. This is an important fact if you really care about wildlife.

    I understand you’re not a hunter. But, you need to understand that hunters are an essential and humane tool for conservation like no other. And, when an ethical hunter takes a trophy, he also takes the meat and pelt and uses whatever else he can of that animal.

    • quorndawg /

      Yeah, you’re right. All the HSUS does is work to shut down dog fighting, cock fighting, and other animal abuses. Charity navigator seems OK with how they operate.

      Stop spouting the talking points from the CCF and do a little research of your own. You might actually learn something.

  33. John /

    I agree with much of what you believe about animals but let’s not forget that doesn’t give us the right to pass moral judgement on Mr. Leach. He has the right to do anything he wants as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of another human being. By the way if you ever saw a seven foot tall bear in the wilderness you might want someone like Mike close by. The bear may well terminate your or Leaches life with absolutely no regret.

  34. Shane /

    Even as a Husky, I was always a fan of you as a radio personality. I have to admit this post has really knocked you down a notch in my opinion.

    I never understand where the ignorance of hunting comes from in our society. What makes it less admirable to eat bear, elk, or deer meat than beef, pork, or chicken. It anything wild meat is healthier for you as it is not loaded with steroids and hormones and has more than likely organically fed its entire life. For some reason there is a perception that trophy hunters don’t use the meat of the animals they harvest. Just because I aspire to shoot the largest buck or the biggest bruin on the mountain doesn’t mean I’m not going to use the meat.

    What irks me the most is the mindset that someone like Mike Leach shouldn’t be hunting because he doesn’t need to in order to provide meat for his family. Just because he can go to the store to buy meat doesn’t mean he can’t chooze to hunt instead. Who are you to say it is more humane to raise a cow in a small farm and pump them so full of steroids they can hardly walk and then drive them to a but Bering plant where they get their throats slit and drained of blood is more humane than ethically harvesting a big game animal in the wilderness?

    My family and I have never purchased red meat from the store. We eat only bear and deer meat harvested ethically and sustainably from public lands in Washington state. Dear sausage and bear burger is some of the best meat I’ve ever tastes.

    Next time you plan to go bash a hunter for legally and ethically harvesting a big game animal you should think about where all the meat you eat comes from and what wildlife and their habitat would look like without $1 billion of conservation funding that hunters provide every year through conservation organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and SCI along with the millions of dollars raised every year through licensing.

    I hope that you can adopt a more open mind regarding hunting, fishing, and all other legal a d ethical outdoor recreational pursuits in the future.

  35. dawg from coug country /

    I do like to read your column for entertainment. Not sure where this article goes to though. Many commenters are ASSUMING a lot but the bottom line is he shot a bear; which the last time I checked was perfectly legal.

    Unless a person is a total vegan (don’t protest in leather Birkenstocks please) then don’t judge hunting. This bear had a chance at life. The steer, chickent, etc. you have for dinner didn’t and probably was raised in substandard conditions compared to the bear. It appears to be a fair chase hunt.

    Maybe Mike Leach likes bear meat (I’ll pass but I hope to fill my elk tag this year). When was the last time you saw that at the store?

    Maybe he did hike all over the hillside for this trophy (yep the guide probably packed it out)

    Let’s not be judging other people for the things they do for enjoyment as we could all be targets for scrutiny.

    example: Jim; how much foreign oil do you burn driving/flying to Pullman and back for Coug events?

  36. Manly Man /

    Bunch of sensitive sissies here. There’s nothing wrong with hunting. Ever eat bear meat? It’s pretty tasty.

    Way to attack Coach Leach for legally enjoying his free time with a hobby that millions of people enjoy… Embarrassing article, is right.

  37. Josh /

    Jim you need to educate yourself on the subject before opening your mouth and showing your ignorance.

  38. dennis wheeler /

    Jim, have enjoyed your writing and perspective for years. I could not have been more disappointed by an article from a cougar. What? A card carrying PETA member from Pullman?
    Dogs sleeping with cats?!?!?! From my e-mail address you can probably guess my pedigree. I feel sick!

  39. Steve /

    Jim, I don’t have a problem with hunting, per se, but hunting Bears, and Cougars for that matter, just doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t know Coach Leach personally, but now I know something about him that I don’t like.

    Thanks for taking a stand on what I’m sure is an unpopular issue in the Pullman area. And you didn’t turn in your man card by writing this article. You played your man card in my mind. I know quite a few hunters. If I had to describe them as men or boys in grown-up bodies, I’d have to go with the latter for the vast majority of them.

  40. Fisheral87 /

    Fact is, I respect the opinion of the anti-hunters. I graduated from UW. I lived in a anti-gun anti-hunting household. But, I hunt. There is nothing bad or disgusting about hunting. If you don’t want to harvest animals to eat, don’t. There are plenty of other edibles around. But that doesn’t make me wrong if I like the taste of bear.

    Your man card is intact my friend. I respect your choice to not hunt. Respect Mr. Leach’s choice to legally harvest a gorgeous bear.


  41. Steve Johnson /

    Jim, I guess I look at it this way. And which ever side of the fence you sit on it is the same. “Those who don’t get, don’t get why they don’t get it. You don’t get hunting. So you also don’t get why those of us who think you are odd that you don’t get hunting think like we do. Its ok for us to be different. Where I have a problem is when folks who don’t get it, use their platform to criticize those whom they do not understand. It shows ignorance. Maybe you should stick to things WAZZU.

  42. Huntress17 /

    Congratulations Mike! That’s an outstanding bear! I hope to hunt, kill and eat one similar someday. Predators are some of the hardest mammals to see, let alone hunt. Good luck in the upcoming football season!

    Good hunting and go COUGS!!!!

  43. mike /

    One can understand hunting deer for food, but killing natural predators is sick. Hunters who kill coyotes, bears, cougars, wolves etc are nothing but wildlife killing cowards. they have no respect these animals. If they did, they wouldn’t be killing them. They also think of hunting as a sport. Killing wildlife with your high powered rifles will never be considered a sport as there is nothing sporting about it. If the animals were able to shoot back at these cowards with their high powered rifles, that would be a different story.

  44. Huntress17 /

    I think that you really have no comprehension on what would happen if we were never allowed to hunt predators. The country would be overpopulated with the wolves, bears, coyotes and cougars, while the deer and elk population would dwindle down to almost nothing. The country would have a lot of angry people on their hands if hunters weren’t able to get their venison(which is much better for you than any meat you buy in the store). Oh, and seriously? A bear is an omnivore. Get it right. Bears spend time eating more berries and grass than anything else. To call these hunters cowards is actually a really stupid move, it just makes you look like a coward sitting behind a computer while they’re out in the woods. Maybe you should try to track a predator down and you can see how hard it is. You make it seem like it’s extremely easy to just walk 100 yards into the woods, spot an animal and just take it. It’s not that easy. You really shouldn’t call people cowards just because they want to eat predator meat for a change. I’ve heard that bear burgers are way better than any beef or venison burger. Sorry that the hunters aren’t a bunch of veggie loving vegans. Go Cougars!

    • mike /

      That is the lame excuse you use to justify killing of wildlife?claiming they are overpopulated? Last I checked, people don’t tend to eat wolves, coyotes, cougars, etc. Hunters are the destroyers of wildlife and there is no sport in killing wildlife when you are using a high powered rifle. You people have zero respect for wildlife.

  45. mike /

    It is quite sad and pathetic how these big bad hunters with their guns call killing wildlife “harvesting” it. Wildlife are not crops.

  46. Huntress17 /

    OK. I honestly don’t know how you can just catagorize every hunter as someone who has “zero respect for wildlife”. That’s BS. I personally contribute to one of the biggest conservation associations in America. Hunters are the leading conservationists in the country. Maybe you should look up some facts before you go spouting your mouth about no respect to what we do for the environment. It is much more humane to use a high powered rifle and take an animal out with one shot rather than it dying of disease or starvation later in its life.
    As for it not being sporting? Who ever said hunting was a sport? It’s a way for many people to provide for their family, while also doing something they love. Enjoying the outdoors and shooting their guns. Last I checked there was nothing morally wrong with that.

    GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike /

      Why do you call yourselves “sportsmen”? Hunters call themselves sportsmen all the time implying that hunting is somehow a sport when it isn’t. So, you disagree that killing wildlife is a sport right? I have no reason to kill wildlife. I could if I wanted to, but I prefer seeing wildlife that is alive rather than dead.

  47. Da WineGuy /

    Way to go Mike. Next time shoot a Husky!

  48. WAZZUSkillz /

    I’m a big time Coug, but you should just delete this post Jimbo. If you ever eat a steak, fish, or chicken you’re an absolute hypocrite. How is shooting a bear any different than shooting a cow and throwing it on the grill? it is NO different. An animal is an animal. I’m not a vegetarian….I eat meat all the time, but I don’t cry about other people shooting animals. Next time you eat a steak or piece of chicken, post pictures of it….thanks.

  49. Timmy /

    I support your right to arm bears, Go2guy!

    But what the heck, it’s not like Leach bagged a unicorn, or some endangered species. This Husky fan is OK with bear hunters as long as the population is managed wisely and not to extiction.

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